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Weekly Statistics

Since its founding in Fall of 2019, Exquisite Radio brings in over 2000 listeners a week around the Southeastern Region, and an additional 1000 from around the world. We continue to look for new creatives to collaborate with to create entertaining and thought provoking conversation for our listeners.

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Our Current Show Rotation

We have a variety of original shows from creatives around the Southeastern United States, and always looking for more! Check out the shows currently in rotation, and the ones coming soon! Interested in getting your show on air? Click the button and send us an email with more information about your show.

MidDay Mess

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1pm

About the Show: MidDay Mess is an Exquisite Radio curated show, centered around relevant news topics and debates and social commentary on cultural issues and pop culture.
Hosted by: Will Love & Paula W.
Follow Paula W. on Instagram @that_paula
Follow Will Love on Instagram @therealwilllove

The Girl Boss Hour

Wednesdays at 7pm & Saturdays at 4pm

About the Show: The Girl Boss Hour is an Exquisite Radio curated show, centered around a meeting of the minds between female bosses Desiree Middleton & Adriana Richardson. These ladies sit down and give us the low down on issues that effect female bosses & make them great. ​
Follow Desiree on Instagram @desiree_the_author
Follow Adriana on Instagram @avasllc

Hey Girl Hey! 

Mondays & Wednesdays at 6pm

​​About the Show: Hey Girl Hey! is centered around the kick ass friendship between Kim B. & Jalesa G.! Every show they discuss their shenanigans from the past and present, including topics relevant to bad ass female millennials

Hosted by Jalesa & Kim
Follow Jalesa on Instagram: @lesaprettyj91
Follow Kim on Instagram: @kim4prez_

Two Shots of Vodka

Saturdays at 11am & Tuesdays at 8pm

About the Show: Two Shots of Vodka is a culturally charged show centered around topics relevant to every millennial, featuring a surprise guest host in every new episode. 

Hosted by Will Love
Follow Will Love on Instagram @therealwilllove

Royal Praise Party

Monday - Friday at 7am

About the Show: The Royal Praise Morning Show is hosted by Apostle Derrick Moon. The best way to start everyday of your week with your dose of praise, fun commentary, and good music. 

Follow Apostle Derrick Moon and see the show LIVE here: Facebook

Tha Backwoods

Fridays & Sundays at 7pm

About the Show: Tha Backwoods is a music and entertainment podcast centered around culture, music, and more in the Lowcountry.

Hosted by Haze, Q, and Marri
Follow Backwoods on Instagram @ThaBackwoods803

Exquisite Conversations

Sundays at 10am & Wednesdays at 3pm

 About The Show: Exquisite Conversations is an hour long show featuring dynamic individuals around the Lowcountry engaging in incredible conversations centered around their communities, their brands, their experiences, and more.

Hosted by The Exquisite One, Kimberly B.
Follow Kim on Instagram: @kim4prez_

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The internet radio station of the Lowcountry, playing original content from creatives in the state, and indie artists from around the world.

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